Your #1 Choice in "on my lot" home builder!

TK Constructors started in 1990 with a vision of what today’s landowning home buyers were really looking for in a home builder. Since then, TK has grown to be the #1 choice in individual lot homes for thousands of customers in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.
What is an individual lot? An individual lot is any parcel of land that is privately owned, such as family land or a lot you purchased years ago. An individual lot is not owned by a community developer. At TK, we build a home you choose and design to meet your family’s needs on your lot.
Don’t own a lot? The TK building experience is not limited to current lot owners. If you are searching for land, we can help. Simply let us know what you are looking for, and we will work with you every step of the way.

As the Midwest’s premier on your lot builder, we can purchase materials at high volume and employ subcontractors at tremendous savings, resulting in unbeatable savings to you on your new home.


So How Do We Deliver "A Lot More Home On Your Lot"?

Until now, the unique needs of homebuyers who already own land have been virtually unrecognized by home builders. So today, we introduce you to a completely new concept in home building, one that originated when we asked landowners what they wanted in a home builder.

Overwhelmingly, the answer was that they were looking for a builder that catered to their circumstances and produced higher quality product for their home buying dollar. They also said they wanted to take advantage of their knowledge and connections, as well as the money already invested in a lot.

We listened and then we responded. The result is a system that eliminates waste and overhead, and lets landowners enjoy the following:

  • 97% On-time Home Delivery
  • 99.4% Customer Satisfaction Rate

So if you are looking for a lot more home on your lot, look no further. We ensure a pleasant home building experience created to meet your specific needs. With TK Constructors handling your project, you can rest assured that you are taking advantage of the highest quality materials and workmanship at the best value. Our system really works, as evidenced by the countless customer testimonials.

We hope you enjoy getting a lot more home on your lot!


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